Projected on the screen was “It’s Creative. It’s Artisitic. It’s Common Sense.”

“Which of the above is not like the other?” asked Professor Johnson

“Option 3?” rambled the students eager to take on the world through the eyes of accomplished marketers.

“Ding ding ding. We have a winner.” Professor Johnson said in an oh so sarcastic voice.

“In the world of marketing, there are those who know a little about marketing, there are those who specialize in marketing, and then there are those who have reached marketing nirvana. These people realize that not only is marketing creative and artistic, but they also realize that there is both an art and science to marketing. They – my dear students – they are the ones we love,” said Professor Johnson affectionately as she indicated the importance of taking the correct approach to marketing.

Thought this story is fictitious, this is exactly what It’s a Marketing & Web Thing is all about. It’s all about taking those who have limited knowledge about marketing, or maybe even those who believe they are marketing elitists, and moving them to a world of marketing enlightenment.


Regina R. Patterson, M.B.A.

Marketing & Web Content Consultant


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