The goal: 500 new customers. $100,000. 30 days.

Sound familiar?

Lofty or modest, well-defined or not, a goal is a goal. And with that goal, off you go – on your way to conquer “Goaldom.”

With good intent, you take out your computer, call your friends and family, get business cards, and put on the cape of success. Then you do it. You pick up the noodles laced with brightly colored tomato sauce and her companion, meatballs, and you just start chucking. You throw and you throw and you THROW. You create flyers, text messages, send mass emails, create a website, join Facebook…and all to limited avail.

That, my friend, is the “Spaghetti Approach.” It’s doing a lot without getting optimal results.

You Too!?!

Yep. Me too. We’ve all fallen victim to this approach. It’s where¬† good intentions fail to meet a well-defined strategy. Many times it’s due to the fact that we either don’t know the appropriate tools to use, don’t know how to optimize them, or both.

Think about it. If, when you throw spaghetti, it’s not thrown in the right direction, at the right speed, and cooked and/or coated properly, it’s not going to stick. The same thing applies to marketing and online content.

Creating Success

To execute successfully, one must ensure he/she selects the correct tactics while successfully communicating with the appropriate market to reach the organization’s goals. This statement in and of itself may sound simple. However, there is an art and science supported with psychological backing applied to this concept.

If you don’t understand the relationship between affect and marketing, how design and navigation can make a or break your page, and how these two go together – and so much more – sit back and relax, this blog is just right for you.

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