Question MarksI recently sent a client a list of foundational questions I use to gauge an organization’s business model as well as current marketing efforts. Once obtained, I use this information to identify both successes as well as opportunities for growth.

I hadn’t received any answers. So I did as any person looking for business would do, I stalked her. Once she finally responded, she proclaimed, “that was hard.”

I must admit, I didn’t expect her to know all the answers.The questions weren’t meant to be simple. Not only do they lend insight as to how I can be of assistance, the questions make the client think. The list made her ask questions the layman wouldn’t normally ask:

  • Who is my target market?
  • Where is my business currently coming from?
  • What is my return on investment from my current efforts?
  • Am I even measuring my return on investment?
  • And why did I even purchase that email list? (I mean, can you really maximize your mailing list if you don’t know who it’s going to nor what the recipient expects. No. Instead, You just had a mass mailer. Great for awareness. Revenue, on the other hand, not so much.)

Listen (or read) closely. You spend time, money and energy on marketing efforts, but have no clue why. You don’t know if you’re reaching the right people or using the appropriate language. You don’t even know if you’re using the right tactics. And worst of all, you aren’t measuring the results.

This is one big recipe for waste. Waste of time. Waste of money. Waste of energy.

I don’t say these things to be narcissistic at all. (Well, maybe a little.)

In reality, though, I want your business to succeed. You work hard for your money, and no one has the luxury of an infinite amount of time. Therefore, getting the most out of your time and money is essential.

The only way to do that is by being smart. It may take a little more time upfront, but the return on investment is definitely worth it.

–end rant–

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