Hyper ManEvenĀ  my grandma knows about Twitter. I get it. It’s HOT. But really, after all the cute stuff is said and done, is it converting? Is it doing what you want it to do?

This is more than just making money. (If you’re using only social to drive sales, your mix is so unbalanced even an elephant wouldn’t be able to help tip the scale in the appropriate direction.) 

Here are a few great ways to measure conversion from a social standpoint.

Awareness. Do more people know you exist?
Loyalty. Are your customers or clients more loyal because they have that networked connection?
Engagement. Are people interacting with your page?
Traffic. Are you efforts driving traffic to your site or brick & mortar locale?
Sales. Are your sales increasing as a result of your social efforts? (For most, this is a hard one to measure. However, you may see increased sales in the long run through awareness, loyalty, and repeat traffic.)

I don’t knock social. I’m out there myself. The key is that social media is only a portion of a balanced marketing mix. It’s not the end all, be all, and defintely shouldn’t be treated that way. However, when done well, it for darn sure will have it’s benefits.

Not yet in the social media game. Just getting started?
Social Media…Consume. Contribute. Collide?

For more information on developing a social media strategy, contact:
Regina R. Patterson, M.B.A.
Marketing & Web Content Consultant

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