This week, today, in fact, I was presented with some of the most wonderful, awesome information that I just decided to pass it on. It speaks volumes as to why so many websites area pretty, yet lack the means to make you engage. It denotes how why the functionality is there, but it still does get the job done. It speaks volumes on why social media is a big deal, yet many have a hard time using it for thier business. It even speaks to the fact of the importance of continuously thinking out-of-the-box, but with a strategy to go along with it. And finally, most important of all, this post outlines the fact that SO MANY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT A CONTENT STRATEGIST IS!

Maybe after reading, you’ll be just as frustrated and yet invigorated as I am. As someone who specializes in content, merging the worlds of advertising, marketing, design, development, and the ever moving world of technology, this only solidifies the need for specialists as such to help businesses reach their goals. And, it’s not going anywhere honey, so you may as well jump on the horse,  embrace it, and enjoy the ride. (Thanks for this one @TechTwinks. It’s a goodie.)

Read the post: Speaker Interview: Karen McGrane | Do It With Drupal.

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