It’s true. Email is a highly effective strategy for internet marketing. It definitely drives reaches your target audience as well as drives conversion. It’s a great way to increase awareness of a product or service, educate the market, and even get the market to take an action. And many people have opted in to receive the email…meaning they have said, “Yes. Send me junk mail valuable advertisements. I want to spend my money with you.”

But email is time consuming…and FOCUS is the word of the day. While on Twitter, I previously posed the question “how should a marketer spend their time?” The response that stuck out the most, spend your time where you make your money. Well, duh. It was a duh answer, but it was profound at the same time.

We, as marketers, get caught up in the hype of all the different tactics that we want to jump on them all. In reality though, that’s not always smart. We need to invest our time where we can see return. That’s what smart marketing is all about.

Since then, I have refined my marketing strategy. I’m not simply focusing on the fun, free, or even quick things. I recently focused on efforts that builds awareness and generates leads. From there, I have to close the deal.

Today, I pose this question, where have you gotten lost in the hype? Where are you wasting your time? What can you do better? How can you make your marketing efforts worth your while? How can you live, love AND prosper?

Regina R. Patterson, M.B.A.

  1. […] Research. It happens all the times. Research is one of those step that happens throughout the entire marketing process – before, during, and after execution. Things you need to research include competition, audience, what you have to offer, marketing channels, other parts of your business. And this is where the infamous SWOT analysis comes into play. Do you know you’re strengths and weaknesses. What about your opportunities and threats? Whp’s out there doing the same thing you’re doing? Why would the audience want to buy from you? Why wouldn’t they want to buy from you. How do you look different from the competiton? How do you look like your competition? What other factors may affect reaching your goal.  Is black the new pink (i.e. what are the hot trends?) What is you audience willing to pay? How much disposable income do they have?  Where do they spend theirt ime? What other things are going on within your organization that are also competing for your audience’s attention. What are the current marketing trends? You want to ask these and so much more. Plus, you should keep track of and recap the performance of your marketing efforts both during and after executing. In a nutshell, at this time, you’re looking to see if you need to make quick changes, whether or not you met your goal, and whether your efforts should be repeated. […]

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