We all know they say a picture is worth 1000 words. However, I’d have to argue that not all words are created equally. Before adding that picture to your website, blog or other marketing piece, here are some words to consider. Some good. Some not so much.What 1000 words do you want your picture to convey?

What do you want your picture to say? (And by all means add to the list. Good, bad, and ugly.)


This is what you’d call a vacation.

High class is how we do weddings


Vacation? Yes, please.

Ummm. No, thank you.

This reception is pretty awesome. You need THIS DJ for your special day.

That’s a unique piece of jewelry? Yes and now.

Not creative at all. My three year old could do that.

Nothing but the best for our clients.

They should probably invest in a photographer.

Your life wouldn’t be right without [insert product] in your life.

Yep. I really was taken on top of my kitchen counter top.

Grunge is in.

Comedy show? Yes. Her abs did just get a little tighter from laughing so hard.

I’m worth every dime. #luxe

You’ve never seen ribs this mouthwatering before.

Yes and yes.

Work *in my fashion show voice*


Lame and more lame. Wait…lamest.

I’m a pretty small house, and you won’t be able to do anything with me.

Granite countertops. Absolutely!

So elegant!

Ummm pass.

Her hair is so pretty and healthy.

Look at that growth. WHATEVER she did, you should do too.

You could totally do this.

His line is crispy and his fade is on point.

This outfit is not only practical, it’s so you.

Now that’s organization. You’d practically sell your firstborn for an organized pantry like this, won’t you? (Winks, nods, and says “come to mama”)

Gorge. (sometimes you don’t need 1000 words)

New mom? You gotta have this. It’ll make your life soooo much easier.

Customers first.

We sure look like we can sing. And we even look like we look like we’re enjoying it.

Your little one is this adorable too…especially of they’re wearing [insert adorable hoodie with screen print here]

The person who took this picture didn’t even take the time to find a suitable backdrop. I’m even ashamed to be in the picture.

These nails are gorgeous. You too can use these colors to achieve this look. Now go to your closest drugstore cosmetic section, and pick us up.

Bet you’re ready to leave the Michigan brrr.

Just click here and here and you’ll be at your dream destination in no time.


Time for the weekend. And you deserve every moment.

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