People’s nagging words can be the paralysis to your purpose; to the things that you’ve had the balls to even dream about (excuse my French). But it’s true. Sometimes, when we dream big and tell others how we want to try Beautiful Image Of A Glamour Model Behind Glasssomething new, become President or maybe even do something as small as learning how to ride a bike at an older age, there are a million people who can come up with a trillion reasons why you shouldn’t do it; why it’s a bad idea. Reasons such as you’ll get hurt or you don’t fit the persona of the president or maybe even you’re not small enough or pretty enough to be a model. Tell them you want to quit your job to pursue your dream of entrepreneurship and all heck breaks loose. They don’t take the time to tap into the positive outcomes, such as conquering a fear, embracing confidence where self-esteem once took residence, or even all the new skills you’ll obtain simply by trying. And most of all, simply providing a pat on the back because you have the gumption to try.

And haters don’t come always come from the external. You may be the biggest naysayer of them all. You continue to tell yourself why you can’t do ONLY thing standing between you and those passing you by is guts.

But that’s okay. Go ahead and let others pass you by. Stay in the rut. The rut is safe. Or at least that’s what you tell yourself, which is totally contrary to what risk takers say. Their motto: “High risk, high reward.”

Let’s be real. I can’t say I’m totally a high risk person. If I was, I wouldn’t be working my comfy, full-time job as a marketing professional at one an industry leader. Instead, when I got laid off from my previous job, i would’ve stuck with my plan to do the marketing business full-time with a couple of side gigs as security. But noooo. I needed safe. Heck. I needed to pay my bills, and that was the only way I could see that happening. And so taking another full-time job, taking my talents to another organization is what I did. And everyday I question why. Why didn’t I put caution to the wind to embark upon my dream? Well, because it wasn’t time. However, a dream deferred isn’t a dream not recognized. It’s just exactly what it is…a dream deferred.

It’s now time to put the petal to the metal, not letting opportunity pass me by. Instead, it has fueled me to work harder. Invest more. And get serious – even more determined than I was before. And though this time I’m moving more slowly, I’m moving more wisely. I’m working smarter and not harder, redefining strategy, branding a more. In fact, the shift has allowed a chance to be inspired, be focused and unleash creativity.

It’s giving me time to doubt, be stretched and even encouraged. And frankly, it’s given me motive to push you to look beyond your doubts, your external and inner hater, and simply do what you do as you unleash creativity in your own, unique way.

Hey. I’m not quitting my job today, and unless you KNOW it’s right, I recommend you think long and hard before you quit yours. In fact, don’t quit. Not yet. Instead, continue to let the dream spur you, inspire you, and provide motivation until you look and exhale, satisfied in a dream realized.

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