Whether working with a first-time homeowner or someone who is on the second, third, or even fourth home, one thing for sure is that the home buying process is not an absolutely cut and dry process. In addition to the home itself, the neighborhood and local amenities play a role in closing the deal. Most importantly – and less tangible – is the way the home makes the person feel. Does it give them the emotional feel where they believe they can move from a place of “just looking” to calling the place they’re currently standing in “home.”

This is not often a short process. It can be long, hard and taxing. Tears are shed. Arguments are had. Nerves get wrecked. Therefore, celebrating on closing day is more than just worth it.

It’s not out of the ordinary that real estate agents give gifts to the new homeowner. And if the agent has done this for years – or just want to be a bit different – he/she may be on the prowl for new ideas.

Gift Card

A gift card alone may not be the most exciting gift in the world, but considering the fact that most homeowners will make even the slightest changes to their home, a gift card to a home improvement store is a great gift for a new homeowner. They’re probably already freaking out – not having seen the amount of first mortgage payment. Any donation toward new paint, new appliances, or even new welcome mats is helpful. Place it in a thoughtful, handwritten card, and you have a winner. Since you determine the amount, you have a budget-friendly gift that makes you look good without breaking the bank.


Subscription to a Cleaning Service

People have busy lives. The less they have to take care of at home, the better. A two- to three-month subscription to a cleaning service may be just what they need to get their feet wet. Then, maybe they’ll pick up the service for additional months. This not only turns you into the superhero, you also help another business by pointing new customers in their direction. Considering the amount of business you point to the cleaning service, you may be able to work out a reasonable rate for your gift package, thus making it a budget-friendly gift option.


Lawn Service

Similar to the cleaning service, a lawn/yard service could be beneficial for new homeowners. This is extremely thoughtful considering that more and more people are buying homes as singletons. Taking out the trash, going to work, and taking care of the inside of the home is enough. Personal experience tells me that a dedicated lawn person is extremely beneficial for a new homeowner.


Menu Book and Food Gift Cards

If you’ve ever moved, you know that unpacking takes a higher priority than putting food in your body. A book of the names, addresses, and menus from nearby restaurants can be a lifesaver. Add a couple of gift cards to the mix, and you’re golden. This may be a little more time consuming. However, the low cost of the gift cards, could make this budget-friendly gift something that leaves your new homeowners grateful for and your pockets just as grateful.



Who cares that wine isn’t that creative. You know what it is? Delicious. Wine is a celebratory beverage, so why not celebrate with a friendly bottle of wine.


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