You may not think of customer service as being a thing that would make or break a business. However, when I asked my Facebook audience what would cause them to not patronize a business, the answer that quickly rose to the top was customer service. This could include anything from a dirty facility to not being open when you say you’re going to be open to something as simple as not greeting customers in a friendly manner. Since I want to see businesses win, I took to Facebook Live in our Boss Up series in the Melanin & Marketing group. Providing practical information on how to leverage customer service to make boss moves, the video is well worth the watch. If you don’t have time to watch right now, click the link, save the vid, and come back to it later.

In the meantime. here’s a quick, downloadable customer service checklist small businesses can use as a reminder or as an employee training resource.


Customer service checklist by RRP Marketing

Download checklist

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