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How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Small Business

LinkedIn is soooo underrated and underutilized. I get it. People tend to think of LinkedIn as the place where their resume goes to die until it’s time for a Lazurus-like resurrection, only to be buried again once they’ve found a new job.

That’s so unfortunate. LinkedIn is the professional networking goldmine ripe for excavation; this is especially true for those who experience social anxiety or those who may not live in the same geographic area.

Before I tell you how to use LinkedIn (it’s pretty easy), let me give you an example of why I go so hard for LinkedIn. Like any company, acquiring new customers is imperative. So, imagine that we wanted to obtain Macy’s as a customer. I did a quick search, and this is what I found.

  • There are 78,281 Macy’s employees on LinkedIn.
  • 118 of them went to a school I attended.
  • I share 24 connections with the Chief Supply Chain Officer. (ahem…people who can introduce us to one another)
  • The Senior Vice President, Marketing — his name is Jim Reath. We share 3 connections.

People often say that it’s not what you know, but it’s about who you know. LinkedIn is the way to get to know them.

To use LinkedIn to Build Your Small Business

1) Search for a company.

2) Identify the people who work there.

3) Identify their position.

4) Request connection.

5) Build a relationship with them.

(Like and comment on their posts. You want them to get to know your name and face. If they like your responses, you’re starting to see traction. If they comment on your comment, consider yourself “in there”.

What not to do: Don’t immediately inbox new connections. I remove the connection from people who only want to sell me something.

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