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I can hear you now. “I am not learning one more social media platform!” I feel you. I was at a bit of a crossroads the last couple of days and decided to keep going. One reason, two words: Residual income.

Why TikTok
TikTok is still in its early phases. Unlike Youtube and Instagram, there’s still great opportunity to reach influencer and verified status. (I have a video that has over 10K views.) The videos take as little as 10-20 minutes to make (that includes editing), set up is easy, music is provided, and there’s not a need to put on a full-face of make up. (I have published over 84 videos since July 6.)

The age shift
While TikTok has traditionally been known for having a younger user base, with the onset of COVID-19 and quarantine life, older millennials and Gen X have found their way over to the platform. Included in that shift are communities such as #teachersoftiktok and #smallbizowners. You’ll even see there are “sounds” created specifically such as “Small Bix Check.”

How to win on TikTok

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Showcase a creative talent: Dance, rap, sing
  • Share rare/interesting knowlege
  • Be relatable
  • Become part of a community (and there are many)
  • Post often
  • Don’t follow too many people at one time. This will get you in TikTok jail.

Disclaimer: I am currently set up as a personal account, positioning myself as a Creator. If you are using this as your business (not a Creator), you should set up a business account in order to avoid copyright issues.

Get a Glimpse

Day in My Life

TikTok viewers enjoy a good Day in the Life video. That could be why this video has almost 500 views.

Be Relatable

Business owners can relate to the “your price is too high” comment. I really just wanted to do this TikTok dance.

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