Our Owner

Regina R. Patterson

B.A., Marketing, Michigan State University

M.B.A., Strategic Management Specialty, Davenport University

Regina’s passion for traditional and digital marketing and online content can be seen through her dedication to her craft. She brings over 15 combined years of strategic marketing, online content, and event planning experience for both top-tier and small businesses into her role as a consultant. Combine that with her desire to make positivity stand out in a world full of negative impressions, thinking, and advertising, and you’ve found someone perfect to help your organization reach it’s goals by increasing awareness, executing a consistent communications and branding strategy, and speaking directly to your target market.

Known as a strategic thinker, Regina is a results-driven performer who works with clients to understand their needs. She combines traditional as well as out-of-the box thinking to develop holistic plans and executes accordingly. Praised for having a knack to bring things together, Regina has a proven track record of pleased clients with optimal results from planning to implementation to analysis.

Having a diverse background, Regina is well versed in multiple areas, providing her with an opportunity to serve multiple clients. Since she learns quickly, there is no market or industry out of her reach.

On Giving Back
Not only is Regina passionate about strategic marketing and online content, she has a passion for encouraging individuals to become the best “them” that they can be. Her goal is to help people near and far understand that through Christ they can do anything. She would like all individuals to believe that there is not one circumstance that can hold them from their goals if they put God first. Not color, not gender, not past mistakes. Nothing. It’s about them realizing their worth and walking in their purpose.

On the Softer Side

Regina loves to laugh and inject wit into her many personal and professional encounters. She’s a YouTube junkie, loves learning about other cultures and subcultures, and spending time with her family, godson, and dog, Tyson.