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We’re in a world where all things shiny and buzzwords abound. A world where artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and “big data” have diluted – or enhanced (however one thinks of it) – creativity. And there’s nothing wrong with any of those things. They all have their place. But so does the core foundation of all things marketing and advertising. It’s about putting the person in the center of all that we do. The heart. The emotion. The elements that elicit nostalgic memories, produce smiles and convey a sense of belonging.It’s about saying we get you.

At our core, RRP Marketing is a knowledge center who’s not stingy with the knowledge. We’re passionate about sharing up-to-date marketing news, best practices, and tips and tricks, and we like to help others put these items into practice.

Our Services

We help small businesses win every day.

  • With close to 15 years combined traditional and digital marketing experience, we know what it takes to win. We help small business and entrepreneurs develop winning strategies.

  • We are not stingy with our knowledge. We want to see businesses win. This is why you see us posting a constant stream of content on website and our social media channels.

  • Entrepreneurialism, small business, and multicultural marketing all take a special voice. We partner professional experience with a certain amount of swag to deliver thought-provoking experiences

  • From print to graphic design to user experience to writing, our team comes with an abundance of skills. We leverage these skills on a limited bases to help clients wet their toes or fulfill adhoc projects.

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