Melanin & Marketing News & Tips | Dec. 19, 2019

As the old saying goes, the only thing thing that’s constant around us is change. The world of marketing is no exception. Today, we’re hitting you with noteworthy marketing news that will help you move your business forward.

Social Media

No dollars left behind. Over the years, the ways to tag products (and hence make them shoppable) from Instagram have changed. Well, lo and behold, the rules for tagging products on Instagram have changed again. And honey, you don’t want to miss this change. If you don’t have time to do this in 2019, we definitely recommend adding this as a 2020 first-quarter goal.

Creating Content that Wins

Aggressive salespeople are annoying. We all have that friend that’s pitching a “buy now” message on FB. Yep, we want to slap them and tell them to “shut up” as much as you. Stories resonate so much more. Social Media Examiner recommends starting with your “why.” (If we had a dollar for every time we’ve said this. I digress.) Anyhoo, if you’re still unsure how to write a compelling Facebook post that will have people wanting more, start here. Listen to the podcast or read the post. They’re both on the same page.

Speaking of storytelling. We get it, storytelling is one of those industry words that people may not get. “Sorry. Not sorry.” in our Demi Lovato voice. Start here for an easy-to-implement lesson in storytelling created by one of our faves, Content Marketing Institute. And while you’re at, take a look at Michelle William’s performance (as The Butterfly) of Sorry. Not Sorry. (Can we just go into 2020 like this?)

Dope people doing dope things.

Looking for inspo? Listen, looking around for the sake of comparison can kill the soul. Finding kindred hearts with a level hustle on the mind, on the other hand, can create a sense of tribe, inspiration, and even clues for things you may want to try. Today, we’re giving a nod to Rakim Sabree who leveled up from section 8 to real-estate boss moves. Hey, #dopemelaninmoves.

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